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  1. Adobe After Effects CC

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    Powerful Creative Tool

  2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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    Real-time editing for professional video production

  3. Final Cut Pro X

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    Final Cut Pro X - Apple’s Editing Program

  4. Adobe Photoshop

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    One tool for all your editing needs

Help & Info about Adobe Premiere Pro CC for mac

  • What is Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac?

    Adobe Premiere Pro is an application for video editing. It has an array of tools designed to allow its user to edit videos in a sophisticated manner. It can be used for both quick editing jobs, and more in-depth projects.
  • What file formats are compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac?

    Unlike its Windows counterpart, the Mac version of Premiere Pro is unable to work with the WMV, ASF, ICO or PREL file formats. Beyond this, however, it is compatible with all widely-used video, image and sound formats. A Mac user who avoids the Windows-only formats should have little or no trouble with compatibility.
  • Is Adobe Premiere Pro used professionally?

    Yes. Many smaller-scale filmmakers and studios use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit professional film and television productions. The popular 2014 film Gone Girl, for example, was cut and edited entirely in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • What is the difference between Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects?

    Adobe After Effects is used mainly for altering videos directly thorough the use of effects and other additions, rather than cutting and editing. Adobe Premiere Pro has fewer tools for creating effects, but is more powerful as an editing application. The two applications work well when used in conjunction.
  • What is the difference between Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements?

    Adobe Premiere Elements is a scaled-down version of Adobe Premiere Pro which contains fewer features but is available at a much lower price. It is best suited to novices or general users who want a budget option for editing videos.
  • What are motion graphics templates?

    Motion graphics templates offer a quick and simple method of adding eye-catching effects to an Adobe Premiere project. They come in many forms, and can be modified to fit the project. A typical usage of a motion graphics template is to add an animated opening card with customised text.
  • What's new in the latest release of Adobe Premiere Pro?

    The latest version of Premiere Pro includes support for Variable Frame Rate, increased compatibility with video formats, more sophisticated font styling, the ability to adapt an existing project into a shared project alias, and more. It also includes a range of bug fixes.
  • Does Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac support high-resolution Retina display?

    Yes. Although earlier versions of the Adobe CC suite had compatibility issues with the MacBook Pro Retina, the current version is fully compatible.
  • What is Adobe Premiere's Essential Graphics Panel?

    The Essential Graphics Panel is a tool that allows the user to create graphics for their projects using elements such as shapes, text, and video. It is particularly useful for creating title cards or credit sequences.
  • What are the best export settings on Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac?

    This depends largely on how you hope to distribute your finished video, as DVD, big screen, television and online distribution will require different considerations. these days, a typical user will be uploading their video to YouTube or similar websites, in which case the best export settings will be a Quicktime container, the h.264 video condec, and quality at 100%.


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